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At Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics, our customers are our highest priority and it is our goal to provide them high quality vehicles at great prices. Based on Franck Freon's experience, our thorough Pumpkin Certification process and Franck's approach of fair and honest dealings, we are able to achieve this goal. But don't take our word for it, read what our satisfied customers are saying about us!

Cheryl Harrigan from Milmay, New Jersey

“Dear Franck and Pumpkin Family,

John and I just wanted to thank Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics for a pleasurable experience during the purchase of our Honda Accord EX. The process was easy, painless, and not time consuming at all. From test driving the car through the purchase process, it was much easier than any car purchase we have made to date. I don't think we will buy new again.....this was a very easy, honest process with no hidden fees or surprises. I am sure we will be buying a car from Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics again!”

Thank You!
Cheryl Harrigan

Rocco Decicco from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Dealing with Pumpkin was the easiest and most pleasurable experience I ever had buying a car. I could tell immediately how trustworthy everyone was and how passionate Franck is about providing you a top notch product at a great value. They even picked me up at the train station in a snow storm on the day I picked up my car!”

Love the TSX!
Rocco Decicco

Walter Giles from Piscataway, New Jersey

“Hi Pumpkin Cars Family,
I received the call from my Insurance Company saying they had to "Total MY CAR" (E Class Mercedes Benz) I said "OH NO" to my car being totaled & "OH NO" to going car shopping!! I went on-line for weeks at a time, I received phone call after phone call from car dealerships about what & how they were going to get me the best deal around. My credit was not the best, but whose is in this bad economy. I wasted time and money waiting for dealers to get me approved for a loan or even call me back. Finally I clicked on a car dealership called "PUMPKIN CARS". My sales person's name was Greg. I explained what kind of car I was looking for and they had it. He submitted my credit application and said "Walter the bank did not approve your application, but we have another loan company that helps people in your situation.” Greg sent them the application, within one hour the loan company called and the next day I had the loan and my car. Greg was so relaxed, never pressured me into purchasing a car just so he could make a sale. Greg took his time and when he said he was going to call, he called. At first I told Greg I wanted a BMW, two days later I called Greg and told him I changed my mind. Greg said "no problem, we'll take care of that for you". I was so happy I couldn’t wait until I picked it up!! I work in the hospitality industry as a Sous Chef. Making people happy and relaxed is at a premium in that industry. My friend and I were walking up to the entrance of Pumpkin, and this is where I was knocked out of my shoes… We walked up to the Owner, Franck Freon, as he was checking out the car for the final preparation. I never felt such a warm greeting before at a car dealership. He took his time explaining the ins & outs of the car as we walked to the office. The cars that they had were breathtaking; Mercedes Benz, BMW, Acura’s. You name it and they had it for a "GREAT PRICE"! All the cars were clean and ready to go. I’d never seen anything like it. We walked into the office where we were met by Amanda, one of the nicest people I have every met, smiling delightfully. She had my paper work ready to go. We were there for about half-an-hour talking with Franck & Amanda after we signed the papers. It was the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had. Now, for the car I purchased, an E-Class Mercedes Benz…"Perfect"!! I have purchased three cars in my life time and never have I seen a car that looks as brand new as this one. The inside…"Perfect", the outside…"Perfect". Words cannot express how happy I am with the purchase of my E-Class Mercedes Benz from Pumpkin Cars. Thank you Greg for your hard work on my behalf. Thank you Amanda for your professionalism and thank you, Franck for working with me to get me in this car!”

President/CEO, Gospel Central Music Video TV Show
Walter Giles

Alex Reynolds & Alyssa Creelman from Cape May, New Jersey

“This is the second vehicle of many to come! I will never purchase a car from anyone else and I recommend, to anyone looking for a beautiful car from an honest man, go see Franck. Coming from a lover of fine automobiles... you will not be disappointed!”

Dino Martino from Erma, New Jersey

“It was a pleasure to buy my second BMW from you guys!!!!!!This time was even better! The man has nice clean cars at the right price! The staff is nice and pretty too. In the times that we are in, we need an honest place to buy. This is that place. GOT CARS? You bet! Go get one today!!”

All the best,
Dino Martino

Paul Dixon from Montreal , CANADA

“Buying a pre-owned car has its risks and pitfalls as we all know. Buying a 37 year old car 600 miles away and outside of the country is certainly an extreme case.

Everything about PUMPKIN Fine Cars & Exotics felt right from the beginning. The way questions were answered and the way my visit was handled was straightforward and professional. After sale assistance with documents and transport was handled in the same way.

I have been in industrial distribution over 30 years dealing with many independent businesses. One learns to judge who you are dealing with and who can be trusted. The people at PUMPKIN pass with flying colors!”

Best Regards,
Paul Dixon

Linda Benner from Mays Landing, New Jersey

“Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for a great car purchase experience. It is wonderful to know that we have a place to come back to without any fear or trepidation. You have customers for life!!!

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to email the pics that you took of Richard and I next to our new cars. I would like to post them on my Facebook page with a blurb about the great service as well.

Richard and I are already talking about our next vehicle from Pumpkin in a few years.

P.S. I love the Beamer.”

Warm Regards,
Linda Benner

Matt Noberini from Staten Island, New York

“I purchased my 06 Ford Mustang GT over 14 months ago from Pumpkin. What an amazing experience and an amazing deal. Everyday I appreciate the drive and the look of my mustang. I get so much attention! Its an unbelievable car with expectations from the dealer that made this possible. Frank, I cannot thank you enough! You helped an 18-year old kid get the dream car that hes always wanted. ”

Lee McClinton from Trenton, New Jersey

“Everybody talks about great service but Franck and the Pumpkin staff bring it to a whole new level. It's a buying experience where you feel like Franck is selling one of his own personal vehicles. You can see the care and detail in every automobile and I could not have made a better choice. I already had to hand out information to 3 people at work who wanted to know where I got my Acura RL. ”

Thanks again Franck and keep up the good work,
Lee McClinton

Tony Nappi from Galloway, New Jersey

“Hey Frank, Greg, Amanda - the TSX is awesome! I never thought purchasing a car could be an enjoyable experience before. You all exceeded my expectations by miles. ”

Thanks for everything!
Tony Nappi

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