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Franck Freon

Franck Freon

Franck Freon is the heart of the business. Based on his successful career as a race car driver and passion for cars, Franck Freon is able to provide you with the highest quality pre-owned vehicles.

Franck Freon personally purchases each and every vehicle that ends up on the showroom floor and wouldn't offer you a car he wouldn't drive himself. Honest, fair dealings of providing you quality fine cars & exotic cars is Franck's goal.

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Gina Freon

Gina Freon

Gina is originally from South Jersey. Gina is a graduate of Holy Spirit High School. She graduated from Villanova University in Pennsylvania, in 3 years, with her combined degree in both French and Business. Gina began working for a French company, Boiron USA, which manufactures Homeopathic Medicines. Boiron gave Gina the opportunity to travel and explore both Europe and the United States for thirteen years. She was in charge of marketing and medical information and training with Boiron. In her first three years with the company she also completed her MBA while working and travelling full-time. Racing, motherhood and the Pumpkin dealership slowly replaced her career in natural medicine. By 2003 Gina decided to take an active role in the family business. At Pumpkin, Gina focuses primarily on the finances, organization and marketing.

Why the Name “Pumpkin”?

Picture of Harrison "Pumpkin" Freon

Gina was on the move quite a bit in those years with Boiron and on a return flight from one of her business trips to France, she met Franck Freon, a professional race car driver from Paris. In 1998, four years, a marriage, and a baby boy later, Franck and Gina began Pumpkin LLC.

They named it “Pumpkin” because they incorporated the company the month their first child, Harrison, was born. Gina would walk around the house adoringly calling Harrison her “Pumpkin”. Since, to her French husband, this was a new and somewhat strange nickname for a baby, he found it extra cute.

They decided to put down Pumpkin as the company name for pleasure and fun. They thought they would change it down the road when they knew a little more about what they were doing with the business. However with racing, a career in the natural medicine arena, a second baby (Isabella) and a new house in less than two years, renaming the company became a low priority. In any case, by then most of their customers, who quickly became friends, liked the name.

Emily Herbert

Emily Herbert

Emily has grown up in South Jersey, loving the beach and enjoying learning about cars with her father. She graduated from Ocean City High School and is pursuing a degree in Business Finance at Stockton University which helps out with the Pumpkin accounting department. Meeting the Freons after studying French throughout high school was the perfect coincidence along with her love of math that led to her becoming part of our Pumpkin Family! Her contagious enthusiasm and hard work ethic are a perfect match for our company. We firmly believe she is a major factor for the future and the evolution of Pumpkin Fine Cars. In her free time Emily enjoys listening to music, taking road trips, and spending time with all of her animals and loved ones.

Khristian Orellana - Advertising & Customer Service Specialist

Khristian Orellana

Khristian grew up in South Jersey and from a young age became very interested in technology. He taught himself how to design apps, websites, and to create graphics using various programs. His IT talent and sheer vision for artistic photography made him an obvious fit with the Pumpkin organization particularly regarding the future of the automobile business. Respectful, meticulous and well mannered this young man is also an active member of the Iglesia Por Gracia, his Church in Somers Point, serving of course with their needs as well in media and IT. Adding to his activities Khristian is also playing guitar weekly with the Church's Youth Group. When not working or at Church, Khristian enjoys being with family, enjoying music and learning.

Isabella Freon

Isabella Freon

Isabella grew up in a world of car racing and the car business. After attending Stockton University Isabella joined forces with her Dad labeling herself with full confidence as his "wingman". Isabella's main mission is backing up her Mom Gina and Emily in all the administrative tasks for the company. Her grit and desire to not have any loose ends match perfectly with the company's spirit. Outside of work, Isabella loves listening to her favorite bands and artists, watching her favorite tv shows and movies, working out, going to the beach in Margate and traveling especially to France to see her Dad's side of their family.

Chuck Meachon - Senior Customer Service Specialist

Chuck Meachon

Chuck lives in Upper Township with his family and has a lifelong love for cars. He enjoys helping people find the right Pumpkin car to fit their needs and/or dreams. He has a 30 year track record as a local business professional and adds personality and humor to his interactions with customers. He enjoys traveling, skiing and spending time with family and friends. Chuck's patience and professionalism supports the Pumpkin long time reputation and he is ready to assist when you're ready to visit our Indoor Showroom and find the Pumpkin car that's right for you. Chuck has been with us since April 2014.

Guido Alarcon

Guido Alarcon

Guido grew-up a little bit south of us in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started studying toward a degree in electro-mechanics then decided to get an X-Ray technician pedigree and also started pursuing medical school. He is well known in our community for his passion and dedication in the Health and Wellness industry working hand in hand with Bravo Core Fitness in Margate for his love of the medical field and at Pumpkin Fine Cars for his love for technical systems. At Pumpkin, Guido is involved in administrative and advertising work and carries a crucial part of the very precise car preparation that Franck requests which is key of the company's success. Outside of work Guido is a movie fan, an airplane connoisseur and he doesn�t hide his love for fine food. He also enjoys going on hikes, spending time with family and being involved with his Church, the Iglesia Por Gracia in Somers Point where we were told he is also an excellent singer.

Derrick Le Pard - Operations & Customer Service Associate

Matt Kancy

Derrick grew up in Manahawkin, NJ then moved with his family out west to Avondale, AZ where he graduated hs. Then decided to explore the country in the midwest at Central Christian College of Kansas, as Track and Field athlete. He is working towards finishing his degree in sports management locally, but in the meantime is a part of the amazing Pumpkin Family! Derrick enjoys riding his motorcycle, watching sports, and going on adventures with his friends!

Alfred Tubach

Alfred Tubach

Alfred Tubach was born and raised in southern Germany where he went to school, obtained an apprenticeship in automotive repairs, and began to work as a mechanic. His next move was to Hull, Yorkshire, England where he also worked as a mechanic for 2 more years. He then moved to Guyana, South America to work as a Service Manager for Mercedes & Volkswagen. He lived and worked there for 2 ½ years. Following that, he moved to Mexicali, Mexico and worked for a large Volkswagen dealership as a General Manager for 5 years.

In 1965, he landed in Linwood, New Jersey, where he started out as a Service Manager for Sussman Motors, previously known as Specialty Motors. He was promoted to General Manager and continued his employment with them for 13 years. Then, Alfred bought his own Used Car and Auto Repair business and named it Tubach Motor Cars, located on the White Horse Pike, in Absecon. He also purchased a second Used Car and Auto Repair business, Heinz Precision Motors, also located on the White Horse Pike in Absecon. He owned and operated these two successful businesses for 20 years. Eventually he sold them both and retired.

Alfred met Franck Freon at Franck's newly formed dealership in the brown business complex just down the road from where his own dealerships had been all those years. Their mutual appreciation for fine cars and their shared depth of technical knowledge made them fast friends. Franck needed his help, so Alfred found himself working part-time for Pumpkin LLC, Fine Cars & Exotics.

Alfred brings technical expertise, honesty, integrity and good old fashion business sense to Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics. He is Franck's right hand man and when Franck is out of the office, Alfred is in. With his extensive knowledge of automobiles and being in the business practically his whole life, Alfred is an essential part of the business.

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