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Considering the fact that Franck FREON had been traveling the world as a professional race car driver for 18 years and therefore raced and lived in countries such as France, Japan, USA, Germany, Spain and many more, it was logical for Pumpkin Fine Cars & Trucks to start exporting cars from the US toward Europe, Asia and Africa. The very first car left our Showroom in 2001 and the rest is history.

Eiffel Tower Paris France

Since Franck FREON was born and raised in Paris, France, it was easy to start exporting vehicles to France. With the European Community being in full expansion, it was another logical step for the company to now export toward a central hub like Germany. We are very familiar shipping vehicles to Bremerhaven, Germany, Anvers, Belgium, Le Havre, France, and more.

Franck FREON is highly respected in the Auto Racing community all around the world for his professionalism, indisputable honesty and his gentleman’s approach to the world. By placing your trust in Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics, you have the guarantee that things are going to be done the right way. Franck FREON puts his name on it.

If you are in Europe, Asia or Africa, Pumpkin Fine Cars & Trucks can locate your car, purchase it, find the right transportation company in order to ship it and manage all the custom and title documents for you. Our administrative staff is highly qualified, dedicated and extremely efficient with all the paperwork and will cover all your needs as well.

We have been shipping exotic vehicles and regular cars that were carefully picked and bought for our customers for years. Our perfect feedback speaks for itself!

Our main asset is our integrity. Customers from all over the world place their trust in our organization and Franck FREON is proud to exceed their expectations day after day.

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International Customer Testimonials

Andrew M. from Ontario, Canada

“Franck, Gina - apologies for my tardiness in sending this email to you. But I am happy to let you know that our son Max has really enjoyed the 911 this summer. Many nights the flat six put him to sleep (but perhaps woke a few neighbors). Car arrived in great condition and was well enjoyed this summer. I’ve attached a few photos including one of the car with the baby on board sticker ahead of our usual family hauler (the blue golf wagon), and some of the kiddo in/on the car (only 15 years till gets to drive - needs to be able to reach the pedals first).”

Thanks for making this transaction as easy as you did! All the best.
Andrew M.

Paul Dixon from Montreal, CANADA

“Buying a pre-owned car has its risks and pitfalls as we all know. Buying a 37 year old car 600 miles away and outside of the country is certainly an extreme case.

Everything about PUMPKIN Fine Cars & Exotics felt right from the beginning. The way questions were answered and the way my visit was handled was straightforward and professional. After sale assistance with documents and transport was handled in the same way.

I have been in industrial distribution over 30 years dealing with many independent businesses. One learns to judge who you are dealing with and who can be trusted. The people at PUMPKIN pass with flying colors!”

Best Regards,
Paul Dixon