Monday, April 26, 2010

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Buying New is No Great Value

If you are considering purchasing a new car this year, something to take into account is how much will that new car be worth after you sign all the paperwork and drive it home for the first time.  If you want to get a great value when purchasing a car, we at Pumpkin Fine Cars and Exotics suggest you take a look into buying a car that is "like new".  By most estimates, new cars can lose anywhere from 20 to 40% of their value during the first year of ownership.  If you pay $20,000 for a brand new car and want to sell it in a year expect to get no more than $16,000 in return.  This is even if you treat the car with the utmost care and do not put a lot of miles on it.  So, that being the case, here at Pumpkin Cars we stock a variety of pre-owned luxury cars that are "like new"....let the previous owner take that 20-40% loss in value and you get a car that is in great shape, low mileage and by appearance looks like it is brand new. 
To give you a few examples, right now in stock , we have a 2007 Honda Accord EXL with only 36 thousand miles priced right at $16,995.  This Accord is the top of the line with Power/Heated Seats, Moon Roof, Leather Interior, 6 Disc CD Changer, Alloy Wheels and XM Satellite Radio.  It is in Pristine Condition and looks like it was just delivered from the manufacturer!  Wear and tear is minimal with 36 thousand miles, this car performs like brand new.  You may be thinking what this car goes for brand new, well with this package it would have been in the range of $27 to $29,000.  Franck Freon, the owner of Pumpkin Cars, puts each car through his own rigorous evaluation before he will put his name and the Pumpkin logo on the car and sell it.  You can trust that Franck would not sell the car unless he would own it himself! At that value we have this 2007 Honda Accord EXL at almost HALF the price of it brand new, so you get the savings, but you also get a car that looks and acts like it is brand new!  Now that is a GREAT VALUE!!
Another GREAT VALUE here at Pumpkin Cars, right now is this phenomenal 2007 BMW 328i with an odometer that has barely moved at 31 thousand miles!  This fun and stylish car is a Pristine Silver with Black LEATHER interior.  It has Power/Heated Seats with Memory Positions, Run Flat Tires and CD Player.  Not only do you get the style and performance of a "like new" 2007 BMW 328i , but you also get a factory Warranty until February 2011 and BMW Service Plan until 2013!  Realistically priced at $22,995 own this BMW today and let everyone think you bought it new!  Stop in and see the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Pumpkin Cars today for a free test drive, or to just stop and see how close to new these Pumpkin Cars really are!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2005 Acura TSX

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day... a 2005 Acura TSX, 4-Door Sedan.  JUST IN!!! A SEXY & SLEEK pre-owned Acura TSX with ONLY 35,101 Original Miles!  This ONE-OWNER, MINT CONDITION, TSX is BETTER THAN NEW! Comes FULLY LOADED with TONS OF OPTIONS and a PERFECT TITLE HISTORY.  This is a relatively new vehicle to the entry-level luxury sport sedan segment and is providing consumers with the competent driving characteristics, high quality interior and generous level of standard features that they are yearning for.  For those owners who crave slightly more than the standard family 4-door, this pre-owned Acura may be just the vehicle you need!  You can SAVE THOUSANDS over Retail and BUY IT NOW for ONLY $17,995.00!

Standard features in this Black Acura TSX, with its Tan LEATHER INTERIOR, include Power/HEATED SEATS, ALLOY Wheels, an Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror, FULLY POWERED FEATURES including a MOON ROOF and a 6-Disc CD CHANGER.   Complete with the PUMPKIN CERTIFICATION that guarantees this is ONE MAGNIFICENT PIECE OF MACHINERY!  You can be comforted in knowing that you are getting the best quality vehicle your money can buy!  Franck Freon, Owner of Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics, uses his extensive knowledge of the automobile industry to pick 'em right the first time around... leaving customers wanting more, year after year, car after car.  Stop by our UNIQUE INDOOR SHOWROOM for a FREE, NO-HASSLE Test Drive and check out what all the buzz is about. 

For more information on this pre-owned Acura or other pre-owned vehicles in our inventory, log onto or CONTACT US at (609)646-7676.  We can be reached anytime by email at [email protected]

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pumpkin Adds New Team Member

Pumpkin Fine Cars is growing!  This week we added a new member to Team Pumpkin.  Greg Coughlin comes to us with a diverse, but very well rounded business background.  Greg completed a bachelors degree in Marketing from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.  Previously Greg has worked in sales, marketing, retail management within a few different industries.  He will use this well rounded approach to contribute to the overall growth of Pumpkin Cars.  Greg also comes to Pumpkin relatively new to the car industry, which he and Franck view as an advantage, so he can be trained to do things "the Pumpkin way". Most of our customers know how different and better our "Pumpkin Way" is over other car buying experiences.  Greg couldn't be more excited to learn the industry from Franck Freon, who has an unrivaled passion for and extensive knowledge of automobiles.  The fact that Greg is not a veteran of the industry shows that Pumpkin Cars is not your typical "dealership" and does not sell cars the same way as the "big guys".  We present preowned vehicles of exceptional quality and offer an informed and low pressure approach.  Our customers realize that we do business, "the right way" here at Pumpkin and Greg is eager to make his mark.  In addition to seeing Greg in the show room working with customers, he will also contribute to the marketing and advertising efforts for Pumpkin, at which Greg feels that he is at the top of his game.  He is planning to bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to increase brand awareness and growth for Pumpkin, so stay tuned to see what exciting things Pumpkin Fine Cars has in store.  Stop in and say, "Hi" to Greg, call us at 609-646-7676 or email us at [email protected]


Pumpkin Cars Setting Trends on Pricing

The headline article of the Automotive News published April 19, 2010 is titled “Shaking up the Pricing Model” . This article describes how large car dealerships are moving away from negotiating prices of vehicles and moving towards “no-haggle” or “no-hassle” pricing. The author states that one of the reasons for this was to make transactions more transparent, faster and easier and increase customer loyalty, resulting in repeat business. Let me be the first to say, “It’s about time!” For those readers of the Pumpkin Blog that are already valued customers, or even those of you who are familiar with our company, but have yet to purchase a Pumpkin Car know that this is the way we have been doing business for over a decade. Franck’s business model is simple. “Offer customers high quality vehicles and a high level of expertise”. We set a fair and competitive price, usually below Kelly Blue Book value for high quality pre-owned vehicles. The vast majority of the time our customers do not even ask for a better price because they know that what they are getting in return is a high quality Pumpkin Car, a very knowledgeable and friendly staff and a great car buying experience. There is your “transparency” and that is how we increase customer loyalty. Other than that, we offer outstanding customer service and treat everyone that walks into our indoor showroom as if they were lifelong customers. It really is that simple!! It comes as no surprise that Pumpkin Cars is a decade ahead of this “trend” that the big dealerships are just starting to try out. Franck Freon and the staff at Pumpkin Fine Cars and Exotics would love to see you stop in and say “Hi”, browse the inventory in our indoor showroom and take a Pumpkin Car for a free test drive today. No pressure, no gimmicks, no games…what you see is what you get. Make sure to check out the website frequently as our online inventory is updated daily at . Better hurry though because one “trend” you don’t want to miss out on is being the proud owner a Pumpkin Car! Call us at 609-646-7676 or email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2007 Honda Accord EXL

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day... a 2007 Honda Accord EXL, 4-Door Sedan.  This CLASSIC, Pre-owned Accord is LIKE NEW with ONLY 36,611 original miles.  It is a ONE-OWNER vehicle with a CLEAN & PERFECT TITLE HISTORY.  These Accords fly off the showroom floor as fast as we can get them in.  They are, by far, RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE & have a GREAT RESALE VALUE, making them one of the MOST POPULAR sedans on the road today.  You can OWN IT TODAY FOR ONLY $16,995.00.  It comes equipped with a 4 cylinder, 2.4 liter engine and automatic transmission.  We have FINANCING AVAILABLE, for those who qualify at VERY COMPETITIVE RATES!
This pre-owned Honda Accord has a beautiful white exterior with TAN LEATHER INTERIOR.  It is LOADED DOWN WITH TONS OF FEATURES including XM SATELLITE RADIO with a 6-Disc CD CHANGER, LEATHER INTERIOR, power/HEATED seats, a Power MOON ROOF and Alloy wheels. Stop by our UNIQUE INDOOR SHOWROOM for a FREE, NO-HASSLE test drive today! For more information, CONTACT US at (609)646-7676 or email to [email protected].  To view more photos of this Honda Accord, or other pre-owned vehicles currently in-stock, VISIT OUR WEBSITE at  As with all of our pre-owned vehicles, this Accord has been fully serviced and Pumpkin Certified.  It's ready for a new home! 

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Monday, April 19, 2010

2002 Lexus GS300

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day... a 2002 Lexus GS300, 4-Door mid-size Sedan. This CLASSIC, pre-owned, LUXURY sedan is sporting a Gorgeous Silver exterior on BLACK LEATHER Interior with Wood trimming and a spoiler to match. It is powered by a 6 cylinder, 3.0 liter, automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. Offering FUEL EFFICIENCY and RELIABILITY all rolled up in one BEAUTIFUL PACKAGE. The Lexus name is synonomous with dependibiltiy and the ride is always smooth, leaving passengers shielded from any outside noise. All around, if your looking for an AFFORDABLE and reliable luxury sedan, you should stop by and take this pre-owned gem for a test drive today! It has only 83,270 original miles and is selling for ONLY $13,995. HURRY IN....THIS GS300 WILL NOT LAST LONG!
Features include power/HEATED SEATS with MEMORY POSITIONING, AM/FM/WB Stereo System with a 6-Disc CD CHANGER, a Power Moon Roof, fully powered windows, locks and mirrors and ALLOY WHEELS. It is a ONE-OWNER vehicle with a CLEAN and PERFECT TITLE HISTORY. FULLY SERVICED and PUMPKIN CERTIFIED, you can drive this vehicle home with you today! Here at Pumpkin Fine Cars, we are known for our quality vehicles and our prices are ALWAYS BELOW BOOK VALUE. Our unique indoor showroom is matched by our unique car selling philosophy. CONTACT US at (609)646-7676 or EMAIL US at [email protected] to see for yourself why our customers keep coming back, year after year, vehicle after vehicle. For more information or to view other preowned luxury vehicles, currenty in-stock, log onto our website at and click on 'Our Vehicles'.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

2004 BMW 530i

JUST IN!!! Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day... a 2004 BMW 530i, 4-Door Sedan.  This baby is HOT, HOT, HOT!  If you are looking for a pre-owned Beamer that looks LIKE NEW and RUNS LIKE A DREAM....than this 530i may be just the right sports car for you.  LUXURY and PRESTIGE are written all over this FUN TO DRIVE, DREAM MACHINE!  TONS OF LUXURY FEATURES, a 6 cylinder, 3.0 liter engine, Automatic Transmission, 225 horsepower and plenty of room and comfort...a PERFECT BLEND OF PERFORMANCE, LUXURY AND INTERIOR SPACE.

This pre-owned 530i has a GORGEOUS Dark Blue Exterior with Grey Leather Interior and Wood Trimming.  Features include, but are certainly not limited to, Power/Heated Seats with Memory Positioning, Auto-Dim Rear View Mirrors, Alloy Wheels, Power Moon Roof and fully powered equipment options.  With ONLY 68,820 original Certified miles, this pre-owned BMW is selling for $19,995.  Of Course this ONE-OWNER 530i comes complete with a CLEAN and PERFECT TITLE HISTORY, no accidents and no frame or flood damage.  It has been FULLY SERVICED and PUMPKIN CERTIFIED!  Stop in today for a FREE, NO-HASSLE Test drive.  To view more photos of this beautiful, preowned 530i, click here or log onto our website at

We have financing available for those who qualify and a credit application can be found on our website.  Additional pre-owned vehicles currently in-stock can also be viewed by visiting the 'Our Vehicles' section located on  BOTTOM LINE:  If you want to buy from SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST and you want to SAVE from Franck Freon, Owner of Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics.  You won't find vehicles of this quality, nor prices as low, anywhere else so stop by today and visit our unique indoor showroom.  

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Types of Cars should we add to our Inventory?

Pumpkin has many different types of cars, but we are wondering,"what cars do our valued customers want?" This is why we are creating this blog. Please tell us brands, models and types of cars you want to see at Pumpkin Fine Cars.

Blog By: Harrison Freon

2004 Mercedes Benz S500 Sport

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day...a 2004 Mercedes Benz S500 Sport, 4-Door Sedan.  This KING Benz is one MAGINFICENT PIECE OF MACHINERY and Mercedes' flagship sedan which has paved the way for many modern technologies which are now custom in most vehicles world-wide.  It is the LARGEST SEDAN OF THE BENZ LINE and has the most room, comfort and safety.  It is CLASSY AND PRESTIGOUS and the Benz of all Benz.  This pre-owned S500 comes equipped with the SPORT PACKAGE, a V8, 5.0 liter engine with 315 horsepower and when it comes to options, this badboy has everything you could want in a luxury sedan.

This Black on Black BEAUTY is BARELY BROKEN IN with Only 47k Original Certified Miles.  It has been FULLY SERVICED & PUMPKIN CERTIFIED.  This BETTER THAN NEW S500 comes with 19" SPORT ALLOY Wheels, Xenon Headlights, Leather Interior, power/HEATED SEATS with MEMORY, Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirrors.  The Harmon Kardon Stereo is an impressive Sound System and comes complete with a 6-disc CD CHANGER.  A CLEAN & PERFECT TITLE HISTORY with no frame or flood damage rounds out this vehicle to be ONE GREAT BUY!  You will SAVE THOUSANDS OVER RETAIL COST by buying this pre-owned Benz from Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics.  Franck Freon, owner is known for his expertise in selecting only the best when it comes to pre-owned luxury vehicles.

Come in for a free test drive where there is no cheasy salesmen and no pressure! Contact us today at (609)646-7676 or email us at [email protected] for more information.  To view a complete listing of other preowned vehicles currently in-stock, log onto our website at and financing information can be found on our website as well.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

2005 Acura TL 3.2 & 2004 Acura RL 3.5

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Cars Of The Day...We have TWO very SEXY & SLEEK, pre-owned Acura's featured today. A 2005 Acura TL 3.2 and a 2004 Acura RL 3.5, 4-Door Sedans. These mid-size LUXURY SPORT SEDANS are known for their "EXCEPTIONAL VALUE and above-average DURABILITY and RELIABILITY", according to Both of these PRISTINE vehicles come with CLEAN & COMPLETE TITLE HISTORIES and TONS OF LUXURY FEATURES. If you're looking for a GREAT DEAL on a pre-owned Luxury Sport Sedan, then there is no other dealer like Pumpkin Fine Cars that offers a peaceful and friendly buying experience on a BEAUTIFUL, RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE pre-owned vehicle. All of our cars are put through a vigorous inspection process before making it to the showroom floor. So rest assure...If they don't pass our Pumpkin Certification and their Title History Reports are not Perfect, then they will NEVER be sold under the Pumpkin name.

The preowned 2005 TL 3.2 features a STYLISH Graphite exterior on Gray Leather Interior, power/HEATED SEATS, a Power Moon Roof, AM/FM/WB Stereo System with a 6-Disc CD CHANGER, Fully Powered Options, Alloy Wheels and ONLY 71,030 original certified miles. It has a V6, 3.2 liter engine, automatic transmission and 280 horspower. It is SO MUCH FUN TO DRIVE and will leave you cruising around town in comfort and delight.

The pre-owned 2004 RL 3.5 features a GORGEOUS, SLEEK Black exterior on Tan Leather interior and boy does the baby HAVE IT ALL! NAVIGATION System, Xenon Headlights, power/HEATED seats, SATELLITE RADIO with a 6-DISC CD CHANGER, ONSTAR, Power Mirrors, Auto-Dim Rear View Mirrors, Alloy Wheels, a Power Moon Roof and much more! This particular vehicle is a ONE-OWNER and has 78,153 original certified miles. Also equipped with a V6, 3.5 liter engine and automatic transmission.

If you would like to test drive either of these vehicles, or maybe both, contact us at (609)646-7676 or send us an email to [email protected] For more information or to view a complete listing of our pre-owned vehicles currently in-stock, log onto our website @

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

2006 Honda Pilot EXL

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day... a 2006 Honda Pilot EXL, 4-Door SUV.  This LIKE NEW, FULLY LOADED, SUV by Honda is a BEAUTIFUL shade of Gray with Light Gray LEATHER INTERIOR.  This pre-owned Pilot has the additional THIRD ROW and seats a total of 8 PASSENGERS.  It has a V6, 3.5 liter, ALL WHEEL DRIVE, Automatic Transmission, so it gives you the room and comfort that the larger SUVs offer, without sacrificing your finances at the pump.  Hondas are known for their RELIABILITY and CRAFTSMANSHIP as well as their STYLE AND GRACE.  They hold their own against the top car manufacturers and continue to have increasing resale value.  If you are looking for an AFFORDABLE SUV and you want TONS OF FEATURES and LOTS OF COMFORT, then you should stop by our unique indoor showroom and take this pre-owned Pilot for a FREE, NO-HASSLE TEST DRIVE today.  It has been FULLY SERVICED and PUMPKIN CERTIFIED, ready for a new home!

With ONLY 62,820 Original Miles, and PRICED TO SELL AT THOUSANDS BELOW BOOK VALUE, you can own this BARELY BROKEN IN Honda for ONLY $19,995!  The Features are plentiful and include a NAVIGATION System, SATELLITE RADIO with a 6-Disc CD CHANGER, power/HEATED SEATS, ALLOY Wheels, a Power MOON ROOF along with power windows, locks and mirrors.  This pre-owned Pilot EXL has a CLEAN & PERFECT TITLE HISTORY and is a ONE -OWNER vehicle!  If you need financing, we have that too!  A Credit Application can even be submitted online by visiting our website. So Contact us today at (609)646-7676 and schedule that test drive.  This Honda, like any other Honda, will NOT LAST LONG!  For more information email us at [email protected] or visit us on the web at  You can view a complete list of our pre-owned vehicles currently in-stock at any of the following websites,, and our own website at

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Friday, April 9, 2010

2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day...a 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500, 3-Door Cargo Van.  This LIKE NEW, HIGH CEILING, MERCEDES-BUILT, Dodge Sprinter is "all about utility, interior room and transporting large numbers of passengers and/or lots of cargo", according to This pre-owned Sprinter is not something we would normally have in-stock, however being a Mercedes-built concept and previously sold as a Mercedes Benz, it really wasn't too far off our spectrum.  Mercedes breeds QUALITY ALL AROUND and can stand up against any other manufacturer.  So it wasn't a big surprise when Franck Freon, owner of Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics, decided to snatch one up at a GREAT PRICE.  These bad boys generally retail at over $50,000 new but we have it PRICED TO SELL, with just over 50k original miles, for ONLY $21,995.00. 
This Dodge Sprinter has a 5 cylinder, 2.7 liter TURBODIESEL, automatic transmission, RWD and has 154 horsepower.  It has a 289 inch body length and a MEGA ROOF height of 7 feet, making it easier to walk around in.  This van comes with two storage compartments, one on each side equipped with numerous locking drawers and shelves.    It is a ONE-OWNER vehicle with a PERFECT TITLE HISTORY. This Van also comes with a  5 YEAR or 100k MILE LIMITED WARRANTY.  Features include Cloth Interior, Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column, Automatic Climate Control, ABS & Stabillity Control.  It definitely has some "CLEAR ADVANTAGES over its competitors in the realms of cargo capacity, body configurations and driving dynamics", read more about this Cargo Van on 

So if you are in the market for a new work van and you want this much IN-DEMAND, FRESH, NEW STYLE Dodge Sprinter, stop by our showroom in Egg Harbor Twp and take it for a spin.  WHY PAY RETAIL, when you can own this BARLEY BROKEN-IN, PRISTINE, Sprinter for HALF THE COST?  For more information, log onto or contact us at (609)646-7676 or email to [email protected].

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

2003 Mercedes Benz ML320

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day...a 2003 Mercedes Benz ML320, 4-Door SUV.   JUST IN...This pre-owned ML320 is yet another example of the QUALITY vehicles that we pride ourselves on.  If you are looking for a RELIABLE, COMFORTABLE SUV with A TOUCH OF CLASS, then this ML320, with just over 70k original miles, may be just the right vehicle for you.  It is originally a New Jersey vehicle and comes with a VALID NJ STATE INSPECTION STICKER.  It has been FULLY SERVICED and PUMPKIN CERTIFIED.  These ML's are so popular that we can't manage to keep them in stock! So HURRY IN! This PRISTINE, '03 ML320 Benz WILL NOT LAST LONG!

This BEAUTIFUL Dark Blue ML320 features Tan LEATHER INTERIOR and Chrome Trimming.  It is VERY CLEAN & VERY PRISTINE, a ONE-OWNER vehicle.  A V6, 3.2 liter engine with an Automatic, All-Wheel Drive transmission is SELLING FOR ONLY $15,995.00.  It comes FULLY LOADED with TONS OF LUXURY OPTIONS including a 6-Disc CD CHANGER, Power/HEATED SEATS, CHROME RUNNING BOARDS, PRIVACY GLASS Windows, Power MOON ROOF and more.  Complete with a PERFECT TITLE HISTORY, stop by our UNIQUE, INDOOR SHOWROOM for a NO-HASSLE, NO-OBLIGATION test drive today.  We are located in Egg Harbor Twp, just outside of Atlantic City.  Directions to our showroom can be found by clicking here.

For more information, or to view a complete listing of our pre-owned vehicles, log onto  We have financing available, for those who qualify, and extended warranties to fit everyone's needs and budgets.  To learn about Franck Freon and the history of Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics or to understand what sets us apart from your typical car dealership, visit our website and click on the 'Meet Franck Freon' tab.  With over 25 years of automotive experience and a family-friendly atmosphere, where no salesmen and no-pressure truly do exist, Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics is that breath of fresh air that you have been waiting for!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2001 Mercedes Benz CLK320

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day...a 2001 Mercedes Benz CLK320, 2-Door Coupe.  This SPORTY,   SLEEK, PRE-OWNED Mercedes-Benz is a HOT LITTLE NUMBER and SELLING FOR ONLY $14,995!  With a V6, 3.2 liter engine, 215 horsepower and an automatic 5-speed transmission, you'll get quite of bit of power and sportiness with your typical Benz luxury, safety and prestige.  This vehicle is a ONE-OWNER with EXTREMELY LOW MILEAGE, just under 50k original miles.  As with all of our vehicles, this CLK320 has been fully serviced and PUMPKIN CERTIFIED.  Comes with a CLEAN TITLE HISTORY, no accidents, no frame and no flood damage reported.  If you want a CLEAN, RELIABLE, STYLISH ride and you want to SAVE A TON OF MONEY over retail pre-owned and buy from Franck Freon, owner of Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics.  With over 25 years of automotive experience, he not only knows how to pick a great vehicle, but he does it with honesty and integrity.  Check out a review on the CLK320 written on by clicking here.
This PRISTINE CLK320 comes FULLY LOADED with power seats and memory positioning, a power rear sunshade, 16" Alloy Wheels, AM/FM Stereo with a 6-disc CD Changer, a power Moon Roof and more.  The Iridium Silver exterior and  Black LEATHER INTERIOR makes a nice and crisp color combination.  If you are interested in this vehicle, stop by our unique INDOOR SHOWROOM for a FREE, NO-HASSLE, NO-PRESSURE test drive today! Contact us anytime at (609)646-7676 or email us at [email protected] for more information.  If you would like to see more photos of this beautiful Mercedes Benz CLK320 or a complete listing of our pre-owned vehicles currently in-stock, log onto our website at

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Monday, April 5, 2010

2007 Honda Accord EX

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day... a 2007 Honda Accord EX, 4-Door Sedan.  MUST SELL this PRISTINE Honda Accord, retailed at over $18,000, it is NOW PRICED TO SELL AT ONLY $15,995!  This popular sedan is one of the most in-demand vehicles on the road today...and for good reason.  RELIABILITY, FUEL EFFICIENCY AND ITS ABOVE AVERAGE RESALE VALUE makes for an ALL-AROUND DEPENDABLE CAR and a GREAT ONE TO OWN.  This pre-owned Honda has JUST OVER 30K MILES and is a ONE-OWNER vehicle.  It comes with a CLEAN TITLE HISTORY, no accidents, no flood and no frame damage.  This mid-size sedan has been Pumpkin Certified and comes with a BUMPER TO BUMPER FACTORY WARRANTY until AUG. 2010.  As if that weren't good enough, it also comes with a 5-year or 60k mile POWERTRAIN WARRANTY!  IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

This BETTER-THAN-NEW vehicle has a 4 cylinder, 2.4 liter engine, 166 horsepower and 5-speed automatic transmission.  It is decently powered and above average in terms of reliability.  The Honda Accord is one of the only sedans that rates high in every category, including safety and roominess.  Features include black cloth interior, AM/FM Stereo with a 6-Disc CD Changer, Alloy Wheels, Power Moon Roof and power seats, windows and mirrors. 

Overall, if you want to buy a reliable vehicle with comfort and style and you want it all for a reasonable price...then stop by Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics in Egg Harbor Twp and ask for Franck Freon.  Directions to our unique indoor showroom can be found by clicking here, or to view a complete listing of our pre-owned vehicles, log onto our website at  Feel free to contact us at (609)646-7676 or send us an email at [email protected] anytime with additional questions. 

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

1999 BMW 328i

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day... a 1999 BMW 328ic, 2-Door Convertible. ARE YOU READY FOR THE SUMMER??? With this PRISTINE 1999 328ic CONVERTIBLE by BMW, you will be! Cruise around in this GORGEOUS Blue Convertible with its Light Gray Leather Interior and you will be cruising in style. With a 6 cylinder, 2.8 liter engine and 190 horse-power, you'll have all the fun you could have driving this luxury sedan, while still remaining safe and comfortable. The selling price is WELL BELOW BOOKS at $10,995 and has only 74,160 original miles. This pre-owned 328ic is a NEW ARRIVAL, but at this price... it WON'T LAST LONG! Stop by our indoor showroom in Egg Harbor Twp and take this convertible for a FREE, NO-HASSLE test drive today!
SEXY and SLEEK, this smooth Summer ride has tons of LUXURY FEATURES including Power HEATED SEATS, a POWER SOFT TOP in a GORGEOUS Dark Blue color, HARMON KARDON STEREO SYSTEM with a 6-Disc CD CHANGER, ABS, ALLOY wheels, a ROLLOVER PACKAGE and a PERFECT TITLE HISTORY. What's not to love?!?! This vehicle has been fully serviced and PUMPKIN CERTIFIED. We offer financing with VERY COMPETITIVE RATES, for those who qualify. Contact us at (609)646-7676 or email us at i[email protected] for more information. If you would like to view a complete listing of our current pre-owned inventory, log onto and click on 'Our Vehicles' for the most up-to-date informatioin available. Bottom line...if you want a RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE, LUXURY vehicle and you want to buy from someone you can trust...let Franck Freon, Owner of Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics, put you on the road in the car of your dreams!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

2006 Ford Mustang

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotic's Car Of The Day... a 2006 Ford Mustang, 2-Door Coupe.  This classic American Muscle car is one of the longest surviving breeds of affordable muscle cars and for good reason!  This pre-owned Ford is in PRISTINE, LIKE NEW condition with only 25,532 original miles.  SAVE THOUSANDS over the cost of retail and BUY IT PRE-OWNED TODAY at ONLY $14,995.00.  GORGEOUS and SLEEK Silver Exterior on Black Cloth Interior makes for a nice color combination.  V6, 4.0 liter engine, RWD with 210 horse-power and 240lb-ft of torque and an automatic five-speed  transmission, this bad boy offers a great blend of performance, fun and affordability.  This 2006 Mustang is for the driver who wants to drive fast, have fun and still maintain their comfort while driving around daily in this classic Mustang. 

Basic features include  an AM/FM Stereo with CD Player, Power Windows, Power Locks, Cruise & Tilt and Alloy Wheels.  This vehicle has been fully serviced and Pumpkin Certified.  We have financing available, for those who qualify and a preliminary credit application can be found on our website at  If you would like to view a complete listing of our pre-owned vehicles currently in-stock, click here.  For more information, contact us at (609)646-7676, email us at [email protected] or visit our website at We are open daily at 10am, closed on Sundays.  Call ahead and let us know your coming...we will pull out the vehicle of your choice and warm it up for your arrival.  If you want to buy from someone you can trust...Franck Freon is your man.  Stop by our indoor showroom in Egg Harbor Twp and see for yourself the quality of cars that we keep!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics' Car Of The Day... a 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0, 4-Door Sedan.  This CLASSIC BEAUTY is in PRISTINE condition and READY FOR A NEW HOME!  This ONE-OWNER Jaguar has 88,423 original miles and a CLEAN TITLE HISTORY.  If you have always wanted a NICE, INEXPENSIVE JAGUAR...then this baby is for you!  It is PRICED TO SELL AT $9995.00.  As with all of our pre-owned vehicles, this Jaguar has been FULLY SERVICED and PUMPKIN CERTIFIED.  The GORGEOUS Graphite Exterior is flattered nicely by Black LEATHER Interior and WOOD TRIMMING.  Features include FULLY POWERED OPTIONS such as power seats and a power MOON ROOF, AM/FM Stereo with CD Player, ALLOY Wheels, Auto-Dim Rear View Mirrors and much more!  If you would like to see additional photos of this vehicle, click here, or log onto our website at  We have financing available, for those who qualify, and a credit application can even be found on our site as well. 

With over 25 years of automotive experience, Franck Freon uses his wide range of knowledge to ensure that only the BEST of vehicles land on our showroom floor. So when you buy a vehicle from Pumpkin Fine Cars, you can rest assure that your vehicle is one of the most reliable and best deals around. Every vehicle goes through a figorous inspection process prior to purchasing and all of our vehicles include a CLEAN TITLE HISTORY. Franck sure knows how to pick 'em!
For more information on Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics or to view a complete list of our current pre-owned vehicles in stock, log onto our website at us at (609)646-7676, email to [email protected] or simply stop by our unique indoor showroom located on Fire Road in Egg Harbor Twp. 

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